Ukraine Best Social Media Campaigns In 2015

19 February 2016

Ukraine. The second biggest European country by its surface, independant for less than 30 years. A country with a rich History, the subject of this new article. More precisely, we will study the best social media campaigns in Ukraine in 2015. But this time, we will be helped by Ukrainian agencies that kindly accepted to […]

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2015, A year so sweet that our teeth hurt

28 December 2015

Exactly one year ago, we completed our buy-back operation and were very happy about it (remember when we bought 100% of Gummy Industries? This is where we told you why). Twelve long months passed. So, it’s the end of the year, time to draw a line and tell you how good we have been in […]

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That is why a trip in California is better than 10 marketing books

4 December 2015

During these holidays I went to California and it felt like walking through a marketing book. In a country where everything is marketing, everything is communication, a trip becomes a review of the main chapters. I took some notes, simple things (maybe trivial), but if put into practice also by our homegrown companies, would skip […]

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The best Brand Content campaigns in France, ever

30 November 2015

The brand content. Two words that usually don’t talk to people even if they are surrounded by it in their everyday life. What is it ? The brand content is a marketing strategy set up by a company that creates and broadcast media contents to attract new customers. The brand content is essentially developed on […]

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Stereotypes are good for business : how the world uses Italy to sell

24 November 2015

Every country of the world has its own identity and characteristics. That is what differentiates them from each other. For example, France is famous for fashion, Germany for their cars, Brazil for football, Italy for pastas and pizzas etc. But sometimes, some stereotypes emerge from these differences and peculiarities, and a country can be seen […]

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Gummy Industries goes global

worldwide - 29 September 2015

A new journey is beginning In January we were writing “We bought 100% of Gummy Industries. Let us tell you why“. At the end of that blog post we mentioned a future international project we were working on. Today, we are very happy to announce the Gummy Industries Global Partnership program. We created a network of companies that are complementary to what we […]

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Big News: A new partner, a new CEO & a new team member

brescia + partner + governance - 3 April 2015

Entering our fourth month of 2015, we already have a couple of news about the Gummy Industries governance. To continue and further sustain the company’s growth, we proceeded to some major changes to our corporate structure. Our senior art director Giorgio, working with us since the very beginning and being the core of the Gummy Industries […]

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We bought 100% of Gummy Industries. Let us tell you why.

13 January 2015

Puoi leggere questo post in italiano su Virtualeco As of Friday, December 12, 2014, we have taken control of 100% of the shares of Gummy Industries. Until a few days ago, the majority of Gummy was controlled by a company in Siena, Italy. A new phase for Gummy Industries begins. This post takes stock of […]

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Pane web e Salame 5

pwes + pane web salame + brescia + event + events - 19 September 2014

We are launching the new edition of Pane web e Salame: fare soldi con internet (“make money with internet”).   This year the main theme of the event is retail communication & business. How physical stores can resist to huge online competitors? Will they be able to make money in the future? We invited small shops, startups, […]

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