Giorgio Mininno

Partner, Design Director

Giorgio is currently the Art Director of Gummy Industries and one of the best focaccia bakers in existence!
Giorgio specialized in Graphics and Photography at the Academy of Fine Arts of Brera.
He began his career working as a graphic designer with young artists and in some art galleries such as the Massimo Minini gallery.
He is also a Professor of Graphic Design at the LABA Academy in Ningbo, China as well as an expert in web design, user experience, online/offline marketing campaigns, and visual identity.

Date Title Source
4/2014 “Emoji e computer art”
“Come disegnare una long form: ottimizzazione del layout su WordPress”
11/2013 “Animated gif – History of an image format and its uses in contemporary arts” per Ningbo LABA
“Visual mapping an ancient sculpture” workshop per Ningbo LABA
“Tell me a story just using emojis” workshop per Ningbo LABA
“Net Art – History, main artists overview” per Ningbo LABA
“New Aesthetic – History, main artists overview” per Ningbo LABA
“Computer Art – History, main artists overview” per Ningbo LABA
6/2013 “Art direction: cos’รจ e come si applica nel settore business”
2/2013 “Definizione degli elementi fondanti di una brand identity aziendale” per La Fabbrica dei Mestieri, Brescia
1/2012 “Papercraft workshop” per Ningbo LABA
“Photography and pictures’ language” per Ningbo LABA Link
“Defining the visual identity” per Ningbo LABA Link
“Elements of Typography” per Ningbo LABA Link
“Introducing the main concepts of the logo design” per Ningbo LABA Link
“Introducing Graphic Design Fields” per Ningbo LABA Link
1/2011 “La fotografia nell’arte contemporanea”
“Principi di fotografia”