Pietro Colella

Digital strategist

Pietro plays the role of Digital Strategist & Analyst at Gummy Industries. He is in charge of the coffee machine and online advertising.
Pietro studied Marketing Management in Bari and Brescia. He is passionate about social media marketing, branding, and data analysis: you will often find him struggling with graphs and Excel spreadsheets!
A former DJ, he continues looking for the best electronic and techno sounds. He loves spending his free time playing videogames and dabbling in cooking: strictly Apulian style!

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Date Title Source
6/2015 MADEE 7 – Progettare e gestire una community Link
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“Il marketing digitale” – Corso Web Marketing per S.A.E.F. Brescia Link
“I social network verticali” – Corso Web Marketing per S.A.E.F. Brescia Link
11/2014 “Internet e il consumatore moderno” – Corso Web Marketing per S.A.E.F Brescia Link
7/2014 “I brand e Internet nel 2014: Guida di sopravvivenza all’internet del futuro” per ISFOR Brescia
4/2014 “Ad spending online: how to spend, how to calcolate ROI”
3/2014 “New social media in emerging markets” Link
12/2013 “Marketing e social media: come gestire la relazione con il cliente online” Link
3/2013 “Tendenze emergenti nelle politiche di marca: il branding online” Link
2/2013 “Modelli di business per un impresa 2.0: come fare soldi con internet”