Ukraine Best Social Media Campaigns In 2015

19 February 2016

Ukraine. The second biggest European country by its surface, independant for less than 30 years. A country with a rich History, the subject of this new article. More precisely, we will study the best social media campaigns in Ukraine in 2015. But this time, we will be helped by Ukrainian agencies that kindly accepted to co-write this blogpost providing us some very interesting cases.

Kate Pospelova from The Muse Agency ( told us “Generally 2015 was a year of national solidarity, social responsibility growth and building of democracy society in Ukraine. Our country outlasts not a good time at this moment: war on the East of Ukraine, hard political and economical reforms. But we are proud that all these things helped Ukrainians consolidate around one main goal – growth and prosperity of our nation. This influenced our social projects in a great measure the last year”.


Among the successful projects in Ukraine in 2015, there is the one from Unicef, a social project for the prevention of HIV disease.

Unicef (

Unicef decided to create a campaign to encourage Ukrainian young people to get tested for HIV.

It is an interactive story where the viewer is the main character of the story. They are going to have a non-protected sexual relation with a partner and at the end, this partner sends a SMS to invite the viewer to do the HIV test at a clinic.

The results ; More than 25000 website visitors, 68% of visitors fully completed the interactive part of the website, over 5000 SMS and e-mails were sent.


DonorUA (

DonorUA is a database that lists people who need blood transfusion and the donors. There are all the informations about the patients and the donors can see who will receive their blood.

DonorUA was chosen as the winner of Social Entrepreneurship Hackathon organized by IDCEE Ukraine together with SocialBoost and was awarded 100K UAH from the publisher of the Focus magazine Boris Kaufman in 2014. The Beta version of the website was launched on March 2015.

Capture d’écran 2016-02-19 à 14.44.00


The Ukrainians (

This is the first Ukrainian media project in longform-journalism format. The main concept of this project is to do impact-journalism, whose main goal is not just to quickly inform visitors about latest events. They describe processes which impact and form Ukrainian society and publish in-depth interviews with key cultural and civil leaders in the country. The project was founded in 2014, but in 2015 they found a new lease of life and popularity thanks to Spilnokosht ( which is an Ukrainian crowdfunding platform for social projects. People donated 127K UAH to this project.

Capture d’écran 2016-02-19 à 15.45.43


Agents of Change (

This case is a social project for Kiev subway. Agents of Change is a team of designers-volunteers with a main goal to create a simple, easy and understandable navigation system in the capital of Ukraine’s metro station. They already created a new rapid transit map, single-line diagrams, subway system info posters, and a new design of contactless fare cards. This is a design project to improve the user’s experience and facilitate their travel in the underground, without copying any other system but by innovating.

Capture d’écran 2016-02-19 à 15.53.32


Daria Zhyla, from FEDORIV Creative Company (, also suggested very interesting cases in Ukraine for 2015.

First, a campaign from her own company. A social media activation for National Bank Oschadbank.

Oschadbank (

Their main goal was to start speaking with the bank customers in a totally different way. People used to see Oschadbank as a bureaucratical government structure that is far from Ukrainians. They started to change everything, such as the logo, the visual identity, their way of advertising and one of the instruments was this digital platform ( It is a simple digital “postcard” for Easter. 10 000 people used it on the first day of launch while no financial mean was used for its promotion.  

Capture d’écran 2016-02-19 à 16.07.10


Pepsi Co (

Pepsi designed a website where young people can create funny memes for the social networks with the hashtag #sorry_mom. Pepsi is a brand that wants to be close to young people and be part of the coolest moments of their life. This campaign became very popular on the web, as the memes were shared on all the social medias, especially when we know that by sharing them, people got points and in exchange of these points, they could win some goodies such as t-shirts, caps etc.

Capture d’écran 2016-02-19 à 16.16.05


Martini (

Martini is a brand that sells alcohol but also does a lot of sponsorship, especially with racing stables such as Porsche. In 2015, they decided to organize a social media challenge ; the people who posted the best pictures with a Martini product would win prizes like a Porsche or a Vespa. They also chose a jury composed of famous people including Bar Refaeli. This challenge went viral because, as the pictures were posted on the social medias using hashtags, everybody could participate and the brand had a bigger visibility.

Capture d’écran 2016-02-19 à 16.21.20


Lvivske Beer (


2014 was an important date for two Ukrainian symbols ; the rock band Okean Elzy celebrated their 20th anniversary and the beer brand Lvivske celebrated the tercentenary of Lviv brewery. The agency Grape Ukraine then organized a special campaign ; people had the opportunity to appear on a video broadcast on the brand website and official accounts. Indeed, people had to choose between 10 songs of the band, select one specific word among the lyrics, take a picture of themselves with this word and post it on the social medias. This campaign was a huge success as we can see on the picture below.

Capture d’écran 2016-02-16 à 17.34.10



Oleksii Mylotskyi from Mil’s agency ( found two relevant campaigns for this article.


AXE is a brand of cosmetics and hygiene products. In this campaign Axe 247 (which means 24 hours and 7 days), the brand wanted to convey this message “don’t wait till the weekend to make a statement”, which means that people have to express themselves everyday, not only during the weekend, to live a non-stop life. For that, they involved people to a new project ; 5 men called there “heroes” have to do some tasks chosen by the users and show them in live streams. Each day of the week, one of these heroes does a crazy action that the users voted for.


MasterCard (

In Ukraine, few people know the existence of online money-transfer or don’t really trust this system, fearing that they might lose money so MasterCard decided to launch a new campaign for them to get acquainted. They created a game in which three grammas ask people questions about online money-transfers and if they find all the answers, they will also be able to teach about money-transfers, even receive a real money-transfer on their account.

Capture d’écran 2016-02-19 à 16.38.30

Finally, we notice that one of the main ingredients for a social media campaign to be successful is to make the public participate. In Ukraine like anywhere else, the customer must feel that they are taken into account. We have here a lot of original campaigns and we can see that the public is more inclined to be part of them if what they have to do is funny and if the concept is interactive. They are the main actors of these campaigns. The use of social medias also helps these projects to go viral because thanks to internet, anything can be easily shared and include all type of people. To make them win something in exchange of their involvement can also ensure the success of a project like in Martini campaign where you can win a Porsche or with MasterCard thanks to whom you can earn money.

Ukraine is full of brilliant agencies that, despite all the social and political issues that can be part of the Ukrainian climate recently, manage to gather people in large-scale projects and make them be actors of the life of their country.

We would like to thank especially all the Ukrainian agencies that helped us to study these social media campaigns and that co-wrote this article.

The Muse ( Mail :

“The Muse is a team of developers, designers and project managers, inspired of ideas.

We bring ideas to life early, prototype, and refine until the very last moment, always working closely with our clients throughout. We work this way because engaging experiences are created by always being fully engaged ourselves.

We create engaging experiences through creativity & craft in the very heart of Europe – Kiev, Ukraine.”

Capture d’écran 2016-02-22 à 17.29.56

FEDORIV Creative Company ( Mail :

“We see things from the owner-perspective as well as with respect to investment return. We are the guiding responsible center for everything that happens with the brand. We think in frames of long-term comprehensive solutions.”

Mils ( Mail :

“We like what we do and in our opinion, this is one of the main components of any quality product. One of the main, but not the only one. The result is important for us. Every detail, every feature must have a purpose. Therefore, we collect people like ourselves around us and our clients are people who love what they produce or provide. The result for us is when work pleases the eye and causes the emotions that we wanted to cause.

And, of course, we have a magic button “Make good as hell”. True, after the activation of this “button” our command consumes a lot of coffee and often works without lunch, weekends, and sometimes sleeps a little.”

^8E20547B1AF1FF94602EF9DCDBC085D43E9D5E9A0642A0237C^pimgpsh_fullsize_distrBugoff ( Mail :

“The Internet is full of ugly sites and web applications despite new technologies that rapidly emerge. It is a pity. We see our mission in improving product appearance and taming the technological variety to serve the business goals. Full commitment and lifetime warranty are attached to every project for free. And yes, we develop one of the best frontend in Ukraine”

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