We bought 100% of Gummy Industries. Let us tell you why.

13 January 2015

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As of Friday, December 12, 2014, we have taken control of 100% of the shares of Gummy Industries.

Until a few days ago, the majority of Gummy was controlled by a company in Siena, Italy. A new phase for Gummy Industries begins. This post takes stock of the situation and reveals some secrets about where we want to go in the near future.


Three years on the Internet

Imagine it’s 2012. Social networks are tremendously efficient and online communication is an unexplored field. We decided to open a 100% digital agency focusing on everything from marketing and design to web development and digital communication. We were only four people.

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We went into action immediately. In no time, we got to manage the social communication of Costume National, DATE, Bomboogie, and Punkt with more than interesting results. For example, we helped increase DATE’s fan base from 3,000 to 35,000 fans.

In 2013, we flexed our muscles. We started working for giants, such as Ernst & Young, Henkel, Safilo, and Ducati. We completed 35 projects consisting of websites, web apps, and digital communication campaigns.

2014 saw us working on consulting and training, but our main goal was the development of digital campaigns. We have carried out projects like Meme Generator for The Voice of Italy (RAI), and we did consulting for institutions such as Expo 2015.

How did we get here?

First of all, we really like to bill; otherwise, Gummy Industries would not exist.

  • We made profit every year
  • We never leveraged bank debt
  • We have never used public announcements and/or public investment.
  • We pay all suppliers in a timely manner 
  • From a group of four people, we are now a dozen

This makes Gummy Industries an independent, healthy, and growing agency.

We would like to live in a more digital Italy

One of our goals is to grow the digital culture in our country—to talk about the Internet, disseminate (share) best practices, and share what we’ve learned with everyone.

For example, all of our lectures, presentations and research is free and published on SlideShare. When we tell people who work in consulting about this, we are taken for fools.

 For five years, in collaboration with Talent Garden, we have organized the Pane Web e Salame conference, which will be in its sixth edition in 2015.

We are partner of “Almost Handmade”, (with “La Fabbrica dei Mestieri”) an event dedicated to the new craft, and the Brescia edition of the international festival of short films—La Guarimba International Film Festival.

We are active in numerous training seminars, and we’ve been teaching at “MADEE” since it opened (Digital Academy, Treviso), as well at “Master Relational Design” (ABADIR, Catania) for which we organized a two-week workshop.

We arrived to teach in China at LABA (Polytechnic of Shanghai, Ningbo) and we have also several projects of corporate training. We are often invited to speak at universities, including: the University of Brescia, Milan Polytechnic, Bocconi, IED, and Accademia Santa Giulia. We have been interviewed by Wired, Corriere della Sera and more.


People are important

We try to be flexible on timing and mode of work. You can go to China for a month, or work from home in Puglia. Just do what you gotta do. 

If there is one thing we like to do it’s travel the world. For example, during the first year we all went to Amsterdam together. We set more than 10 meetings in three days. We met people similar to us; and, of course, we went to see Van Gogh 🙂

Every person at Gummy Industries is different. We promote diversity and we believe that an individual’s personal branding is valuable to the company. Over time, we have had among our employees (in no particular order): an archaeologist, a sound designer and DJ, a baker, a guitarist, a visual artist, and a rapper. We like people who have a life outside of work. 

In the end, having a team with so many different interests is a strength and help us in all projects.

Since we are all different, we make sure that everyone’s personality enhances their strengths: here, almost all teach in universities.

When we can, we support the personal projects. For example, Svegliamuseo (the largest Italian community of museum communications professionals) originated here.

 We care about the people who work with us and we are thinking of a compensation model that can involve all our employees as much as possible. For example, we really like the Open Equity Buffer model.

What does the future hold?

We realized that social networks have become totally useless in many cases. We are trying to make sense of these tools.

We understand that we can use tools as agile and immediate as Instagram and WhatsApp in the retail field to increase traffic and in-store sales in a measurable way. We are moving in this direction with some of our clients.

We are planning to expand to the East to create an international business based in Italy. We have contacts with Thailand and South Korea. Often an Italian company, especially if it is a food or fashion company, is in high demand in the East. Moreover, in our view, many Asian products can be successful in Europe. We are growing a network of relationships that allows us to build this kind of business.


We would like to be a benchmark for all young people in the industry and to all those who have ideas to share and want to carry on.

If you believe that a new type of company is possible in this country and if you would like to know the world, send us an e-mail. We’re doing it.

Fabrizio and Alessandro