2015, A year so sweet that our teeth hurt

28 December 2015

Exactly one year ago, we completed our buy-back operation and were very happy about it (remember when we bought 100% of Gummy Industries? This is where we told you why).

Twelve long months passed.
So, it’s the end of the year, time to draw a line and tell you how good we have been in 2015.
Because yes, we’ve actually been very good .

13 people on our Slack main channel
Let’s start with people: there are now 13 people on our Slack main channel, and that’s a lot. In 2015 we welcomed Anna, another Anna, Alice, Martina, Matteo, and Sarah that are now part of the team. If you want to know who does what, check the team page on our (almost) new website. Oh, a new website: this year we had it twice. One on April, 1st (LOL) and one in June. Talking about growth, Giorgio became a partner in February.

You won’t believe how much we work

We worked a lot. We are now managing the digital presence of a bank, a big insurance and we were part of the Expo 2015 social media team (do you want to know how did it go? check some numbers here).


We are now teaching all over Italy
People that work in Gummy Industries like to share what they know: we are now teaching all over Italy, from Milan to Venice, to the deep south. We gave an uncountable number of talks and we’re now teaching in seven Master Degree courses, plus some universities and other institutions.

We like music: who doesn’t?
Then, we worked a lot with the music industry, managing the digital strategy and online communication for worldwide music superstars like The Bloody Beetroots / SBCR.

Guestar.com is a project we love that helps you to invite your favorite artist at your home. Latest Guestar event was huge: we brought Massive Attack in Rome, to a private event for 600 fans, held in an exceptional venue: the Rome catacombs.


But sometimes the nicest things we do are not exactly “work”. What exactly is “work”, anyway?

Why we sponsored “Down with Bassi”
We really like genuine projects and we love music. That’s why we sponsored Bassi Maestro and Bosca’s new project, Down with Bassi, a web-series of one-hour long interviews, featuring the most prominent Italian rappers like Noyz Narcos and Tormento. If you have some free time, grab a beer, relax and enjoy these incredible interviews!

Then we had some spare time, so we made fun of a Buzzfeed video: “Questions Americans have for Italians”. We had some answers. 80k people watched it.


We act very local…

Since february, we are completely and legally based in Brescia, Italy.

It’s a small city, yet we love it and many of our activities are aimed to make Brescia a smarter place to live. Here’s some of the thing we did.

Fried Eyes
More and more, we are working with digital design: that’s why Giorgio started the Fried Eyes project, a series of talks about the digital visual communication.

Musical Zoo
We worked with Musical Zoo, a festival held in a Medieval Castle in Brescia, to define communication and identity of the website. The festival was crazy and bring 13000 people here, to party with us.

6PM Your Local Time
We were behind 6PM Your Local Time, a cultural event that was called “The largest collaborative event ever”.


PWES as usual
Like every year, we organized the Pane, web e salame conference
Again, a great success with more of 400 people and ten great speakers from all over Italy.

The very first, international, candy museum
Just after Christmas we opened a pop-up museum: the very first, international, candy museum, that will display the 400 and more candy examples that we collected during the last four years.


Talent Garden
And last, maybe you know Talent Garden, probably the biggest coworking network in the world. Well, it was born here in Brescia, from the bright mind of Davide Dattoli.

In December we joined forces with Talent Garden to make Brescia a better place. We will work together on a couple of exciting new projects: stay tuned to discover more.

… and think very global

While operating right here (and right now, here we go), we look at the world.

We are happy to work on international projects (like the Expo 2015 World Fair, like the swiss brand Punkt., like the international network Material Connexion, like the German institution Akademie Schloss Solitude).

But there is more.

Our Gummy Industries Global Partnership project, that we started a few months ago, is a way to join forces with other business worldwide.

Small and medium businesses strongly need to communicate internationally – and the Internet has no boundaries. So, check what we are doing here.


If 2015 was big, 2016 will be a complete boom.
Follow us and let’s keep in touch: we are doing something beautiful and every day we need more friends and more candy!