Big News: A new partner, a new CEO & a new team member

brescia + partner + governance - 3 April 2015

Entering our fourth month of 2015, we already have a couple of news about the Gummy Industries governance. To continue and further sustain the company’s growth, we proceeded to some major changes to our corporate structure.

Our senior art director Giorgio, working with us since the very beginning and being the core of the Gummy Industries design team, has now become a partner. Congratulations!



At the same time, Alessandro received an upgrade from Partner to President and CEO: now we have two CEOs.

Today we are also happy  to announce a new member of our team: Anna! Welcome 🙂



We also moved back the Gummy Industries headquarter to Brescia, our home town. We firmly believe that the city has a very good creative energy and an incredible work/life balance.
So, please, update our contacts:

Gummy Industries Srl
Via Manzoni 22/c
25126 Brescia (BS)
Tel. 0305241468
P.I. / C.F. 01276100524

We are growing healthy and independent, thanks only to our skills . Yes, in Italy.

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