No frills snacks

Repositioning a value brand online

Balconi is the fourth Italian producer of snacks: it is a company that offers high quality products at a price which is accessible to everyone.

In 2017, Balconi decided to rethink its branding strategy, its identity and its positioning.

Reach the heart of the Italian mums

We worked on a strategy in order to differentiate the brand from other snacks. We started from its historical values: transparency, honesty and its characteristic of being a no frills product. Balconi has become the brand for ordinary people, the ones who focus on the bottom line and have a real family – not the one stereotyped on the TV.

Balconi Instagram profile, before and after the identity change

We decided to talk to the nowadays mothers, the real decision makers, with an authentic and ironic tone of voice: an “all substance” one. It worked: the mothers have responded very well!

A whole new online identity

Balconi has become the brand for ordinary people, the ones who focus on the bottom line and have a real family – not the one stereotyped on the TV.

We have created a new visual identity for the brand from scratch, in order to reflect its positioning, supporting it and giving it strength.
We have given coherence to all its digital channels, declining the identity on all properties, allowing the brand to be recognizable and memorable.

A showcase

We have asked to ourselves what it is the purpose of a snack company’s website. First of all it has to inform a distracted consumer who looks for details about a product, sometimes when it is already in front of the shelf. This is why we redesigned the website of the brand, so that it gave more information about the products, the activities and the world of Balconi.

We have transferred the elements of the brand positioning to the user experience of the site, to the copy and to the visual identity. And we made it so that it was easy to use even from mobile platforms.

The video made by Il Canal reached more than 200k views on Facebook and more than 70k views on Youtube

Translate a message into an image

For Balconi we have studied every single image for the editorial plan, from the setting, to the mood, to the props to be used, supervising the work of professional photographers on the project. This has allowed us to have a strong consistency of image, which makes Balconi today recognizable and distinctive in the reference panorama of the brand.

Getting recognized by your children too

Once we reached the mothers, we wanted to involve the children, the actual consumers of Balconi products. We have chosen to give visibility to the brand involving eight different Youtubers who speak the language of the youngest. Every Youtuber has reinterpreted the Balconi snacks with their own narrative style, producing a video with the in question product as a protagonist . The video achieved a very high visibility, reaching 3.493.484 views in less than a month.

Numbers e KPI

  • 1.6M
    Social’s interactions
  • +90%
    Facebook’s Fanbase
  • +1.490%
    Instagram’s Foollower
  • 80
  • 3.5M
    YouTube’s Views