Banca Valsabbina
How to communicate a Cooperative Bank

Communicate a cooperative bank

Banca Valsabbina is a cooperative bank born in the Brescia area. A reality which has grown over the years, from a few branches in the province, up to an expansion throughout the North of Italy. This bank stands out primarily for values ​​such as a close attention to people and the territory and it aims to establish a direct and familiar relationship with its customers.

When Banca Valsabbina turned to us, it had no branding strategy and its communication was focused on its product and offer details.

We have focused the bank’s communication on its distinctive values, thus communicating the attention to the territory and people, shifting the focus from the product to the brand.

An ultra local communication

The opening of a branch in a new city is a very important event for the cooperative reality. We have created ad hoc campaigns for each opening, placing Banca Valsabbina as an incentive for the local and neighborhood economy.

Close importance and attention was paid to the first opening in Milan, through the developing of a special campaign. In order not to disperse the few resources whe had and get the message directly to the target of potential customers, we decided to communicate to the district and not to the city, with a super-localized, widespread marketing action, which we could define almost door-to-door.

An action both digital and physical.

For instance, in view of the opening, 30,000 personalized pizza boxes were distributed to the 15 pizzerias in the neighborhood, to let all the inhabitants know about the arrival of the new bank. Banca Valsabbina, like every good neighbor, introduced itself with a gift, a totally free welcome kit to be collected at the branch.

A special gift for all the inhabitants of the neighborhood, designed specifically to be the perfect gift for the neighbors: dynamic, contemporary and technological. We have involved the neighborhood merchants also for the launch of the branch in Verona: in view of the opening we offered to all new customers goods and services, available at the street shops. Valsabbina has immediately become the economic driving force of that area.


+700 people went to the Bank to pick up their Welcome Kit
+60 have opened a new bank account
14 of the 15 involved pizzerias have become Banca Valsabbina customers

But above all, Banca Valsabbina has become part of the neighborhood community, managing to emerge in the chaos of the city.

Communicate to internal stakeholders

The bank has also asked us to redesign the paper House organ, an important document to share the most relevant information among the associate of the bank. We decided to create a document that clearly expressed the proximity of Banca Valsabbina to the territory, launching a photographic campaign on the most significant landscapes of the area in order to document the territory on which the bank is expanding itself and trying to highlight the landscape aspects which are the most important for the economic, tourist and social development of the countries involved.

An all-digital strategy

As a result of the communication and branding work done over the last few years together with the company’s marketing team, we are structuring all the digital communication of the bank.

Digital communication is the last piece of the path that we have built together with the company, making it a recognizable brand, even outside its territory, beng it is distinctive, homogeneous and consistent in all touch points with customers.