How to communicate the B2B world online

A revolutionary product

Cherubini, which produces accessories and motors for the movement of shutters and awnings, had two main needs: to communicate online the new brand identity and to launch a new product.

The company had started a rebranding work on the whole identity with the intention of repositioning itself towards its target.


Giro – The new control system, is an innovative remote control for its aesthetic characteristics. It was designed to be both functional and nice to see, lent on some shelf at home. Therefore, we have developed and designed for Giro a website that gives ample space to the aesthetic characteristics of the product and that shows its ease of use, a website that was beautiful to look at. To launch it we activated a communication plan on several fronts: social, display, digital PR and email marketing.

A rational international strategy to communicate to the B2B world

Communication on social networks for a B2B company is not obvious. We asked ourselves what were the real needs of the brand and the target and we focused on the channels more in line with the objectives, trying to disperse as little energy as possible.

Reaching the distributors across Europe has been possible thanks to LinkedIn and a targeted email marketing activity.

Social media at the service of the sales network

Spread across Europe,Cherubini’s commercials are the ones who interact every day with the real customers of the company, but usually they do not have the power to make the company’s marketing and communication decisions. We decided to involve them to create a winning relationship on several fronts: the company had direct feedbacks from the field, the communication became more accurate and effective, the commercials worked better and felt an active part in the decision-making processes. How did we do it in practice? Through periodic workshops in the company, newsletters and vertical training on LinkedIn.

How will the house of the future look like?

Even if fairs are the most used marketing tool in B2B, their effectiveness is in a free fall.

How to get noticed? For Made-Expo we decided to involve the visitors with a simple question: how would you imagine the house of the future? Their answers came to life instantly, thanks to the work of an illustrator.

Over 50 illustrations were made and sent to visitors. Moreover, the booth of Cherubini saw an average increase of 20% compared to other editions.

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