Underwear & body positivity

Showing the natural beauty of women in the everyday life:
here is the new positioning of Cotonella

In 2019 the underwear brand Cotonella has completely changed its image: putting aside perfect and sensual women, we decided to portray the real women depicted in their everyday routine.

It doesn’t concern an abstract model: we talk about women who care about their femininity but also want to be at ease and comfortable any time of the day.

Talking about the true women’s needs

Working in close contact to Cotonella, we completely changed the direction of its digital communication.

Il canale Instagram di Cotonella, prima e dopo il cambio di identità

The new image which has taken shape portraits a beautiful, quality and feminine product.
A product with much attention to detail but also wearable in any situation.
A product which doesn’t presume to transform the women who wear it but that wants to enhance them by meeting their real needs.

Pajama parties, yoga classes, online shopping with girlfriends: on Cotonella channels we started to show the products and the audience they address to in everyday life backgrounds.

Simultaneously, thanks to a simple, clear, realistic and emotive tone of voice we supported the brand in the creation and consolidation of a strong relationship of trust with its target: a community of women who are attached to the brand and feel themselves represented by it.

Not only products

We transmitted the new tone of voice of Cotonella thanks to the representation of its products and through some quotes: a new kind of content which doesn’t show the brand’s underwear but is able to perfectly express the values, the philosophy and the style of Cotonella.

A realistic and clear communication, an engaged and attached community

Thanks to the new communication strategy and the new kind of contents, in the first three months we reached more than half million people and double the brand fan base on all its channels.

Moreover, during the same period of time, even the visit to Cotonella e-commerce have doubled.

However, the result which better represents the success of the new brand positioning is the engagement of the community. Users are participating and share the values and the image of the Cotonella woman.

The whole fan base perfectly reflects the target of the brand and all the comments and messages which we moderate are relevant to the brand philosophy.


  • 1,39 M
    Reach (8 months)
  • +5%
    Community increase Facebook (8 months)
  • +90%
    Community increase Instagram (8 months)
  • +65%
    E-commerce from social media (8 months)