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The Instagram editorial plan of Flos, during the Salone del Mobile 2017

A paradigm shifting in online communication

In 2017 Flos, an international company, had a social presence fragmented between accounts opened by distributors and different countries all over the world. The contents shared on social media were not coordinated in terms of tone of voice and visual identity.

Flos had to adopt a global strategy and positioning on the web, to adequately communicate such a strong brand in all its touch points with customers.

We have analyzed the initial situation. Together with the Flos marketing team we started a co-design path of the brand strategy and digital positioning, recognizing it as the best approach to the specific needs of the project.

The path was outlined through two workshops that led to the definition of the whole online brand strategy, the countries involvement and the online identity of the brand: from the art direction to the tone of voice.

The coordination of communication on a global scale

In consequence of the strategic phase, the operational phase resulted in the rationalize of the brand digital ecosystem and particularly for the Flos social network.

The channels have moved from a fragmented to an organized situation, allowing the brand to maximize its results by speaking to the community with one voice.

The rationalize process has been complex and articulate, being Flos an international brand, with local teams and distributors all over the world. We have analyzed the different needs of local teams, taking also some important decisions such as closing some accounts.

We coordinated the process by producing Social Guideline, a clear and easy to use tool which allowed the headquarter to align itself with the various countries.

Flos at Euroluce: 360-degree communication

We supported Flos during one of the most important fairs in the sector: Euroluce, in the broader context of the Salone del Mobile in Milan. Flos presented a preview of nine new products made by as many world-renowned designers. This made the event a unique communication opportunity for the brand that we exploited by studying a strategy of content that told 360 degrees the presence of Flos at the fair: from Facebook live to video interviews, as well as a constant presence in the booth for the event coverage.

Numbers and KPI

  • 1
    Global Social Guideline
  • 2
    Workshop Digital Strategy Codesign
  • 25
    Social’s account redouced to 5
  • +30%
    Facebook’s Follower from 66k to 88k
  • +400%
    Instagram’s Follower from 9.2k to 37.7k