The launch - entirely digital - of a new phone company


On June, 2018 Vodafone launched ho.: the new phone company which presented itself on the market as clear and essential. Simple, with no extra costs or payment obligation.

The post published for the launch of the brand ho.

How can a new phone company be launched from scratchs, in an entirely digital way?

From the launch day, we have been curated all the brand communication on Facebook, dealing also with the community management during the first months.


A shower of questions (and answers)

The new telephone company quickly generated a widespread appeal, creating a strong community who rapidly increased. We cared about it 7 days a week thanks to a community management handled minute by minute, by different people. During the first months, thousands of people interacted with the brand, commenting or asking questions about the service activation: we answered to all of them.


The importance of listening

During those months, we have been analysing the reactions and the interests of the consumers in order to create contents always more engaging for the users. We have been keeping monitored the competitors, the emerged communities of the brand, the main themes of discussion.


The perfect content for our audience

The content production has surely been one of the most substantial work, resulting in the creation of suitable contents for the different purposes that the brand wanted to reach and for the different audiences who didn’t know the brand yet.

Contents always reached a high number of interactions, even when no media investment had been done.


  • 93k
    people reached with no media investment
  • 36k
    page views
  • +6k
    comments and messages managed
  • 20%
    Engagement Rate