Lo Pesce
Such a fresh brand to be… frozen

Everyone has the right to eat quality fish

The refrigerator aisle is a crowded place where it is hard to be noticed. Xilo, an Italian dealer of fishery products, needed to find a way to conquest a relevant position in the grocery stores. How to make it possible?

Winning the boredom of traditional frozen food

The communication of fishery products is standardized: there isn’t any brand, in Italy, which differs from all the other ones. The tone of voice of the major players is traditional and focus on a target composed by families. But what about young people? And couples? And the students? Nobody takes care about them.

An Italian brand, straight from the fish market

The refrigerator aisle is a distressing place. The fish market, on the contrary, is totally different: noise, din, distinctive smells and chaos.
We needed to create a brand from scratch and we decided to recreate that atmosphere. The new brand was named “Lo Pesce”: a name easy to remember and dedicated to Italian people.
Lo Pesce has a clear mission: to give everyone the opportunity to eat fish, enjoying their meals. Even to those people who usually have few time for cooking or who have not the possibility to eat fish every day.

A brand that is a friend of students, young couples, singles and busy parents. A line of fishery products thought for the Millennials.

A packaging that jumps the queue

The visual identity of Lo Pesce is different from its competitors ones. Really different. It is colourful, illustrated and ironic.
Thanks to the illustrations of Elia Colombo, we developed a drawn pack system, telling about each product through a design inspired by the 70s Italian cartoon bubbles, adapted to the digital needs and made suitable for social media.

An unforgettable website

How would a website look like if it was under water? This was what we asked to ourselves developing the landing page of Lo Pesce. Give a look to the website: it embodies very well the brand identity. And it won lots of awards.

This mussel will have more likes than an influencer

Lo Pesce was about to arrive in the grocery stores. Which one? We used social media to ask people where they expected to find the brand. It worked.

The launch of the brand was totally digital. The main goal was to support the relationship between the trade and the supply chain, showing that people really want Lo Pesce.

The real fundamental KPI? In less than a month, we managed to bring the brand in 4 grocery food chains, and more are going to receiving it!


  • 50k
    visits to the website from the launch
  • 200
    follower in Instagram in 1 month
  • 400
    follower on Facebook in 1 month
  • +100
    received questions in 1 month
  • +200
    received comments in 1 month