To bring the
New Yorker icon
back to Europe

Frah Quintale for Pony

Pony: the New Yorker icon brand of 70s sportswear

In 1972 in Manhattan, Roberto Muller founded Pony, a brand of sneakers and sportswear. Thanks to an uninterrupted engagement of the 80s testimonials and icons, in a few years the brand established itself in the global market. David Thompson, Pelé, Dan Marino and Regg Jackson, together with more than 200 NBA stars were only some of the collaborations developed.

In the 90s, however, a downfall period started for Pony which resulted in the total retirement of the brand from the European market.

The reintroduction in the European market

In 2017 Baco srl started to deal in Pony products in Europe.

From that moment, we have been working together with a unique main goal: the recreation of the brand heritage in the whole continent.

How to do it? In collaboration with Davide Turcati, we decided to reconquer the European market developing new partnerships with artists and sports celebrities, recalling this way the strategy of Muller.

In Italy, the brand image has been restored with the help of testimonials like Fabri Fibra, Frah Quintale, Laboratorio 17 and many other to be revealed.

All the partnerships have been supported by the social networks of the brand, created from scratch, and ad hoc contents and photo shootings.
The addressed target? The Urban Warriors: the generation between the babyboomers and the millenials which is close to the street culture, symbol of Pony.

Thanks to this rebranding and communication strategy, Pony has reached more than a half million people.

The new opening

Due to the regained success at the beginning of 2019 Pony opened the first Flagship Store in Milan,

definitively bring back among the consumers its symbolic models side by side to the new innovative and contemporary ones.