Quarantine Queen Challenge

Is the lockdown a tragedy? Maybe it could also be an opportunity

The health emergency which affected the entire world forced people to stay at home for two months, changing their lives and behaviours.

Even social media habits were modified during the lockdown.

As people began to overcome their initial worries, more and more started to show their new everyday lives, sharing opinions, life moments, workouts, recipes, memes, and taking part in challenges of any sort. 

How to engage people at home?

With the purpose of increasing the brand awareness, engaging its customers and communicating its presence on social media, even during the health emergency, we developed a campaign perfectly in line with Sisley’s style.

Alcuni repost della #quarantinequeenchallenge

Starting from the irony which has always characterised the brand’s tone of voice, we created a challenge to entertain users and to show a positive and optimistic future: the #quarantinequeenchallenge.

The Quarantine Queen Challenge 

We asked people to wear their best outfit and to let off steam to the tune of “I want to break free” by Queen. The quarantine must not stop the desire to have fun and dress-up.

In order to maximize the spreading of the #quarantinequeenchallenge, we involved some Instagram and TikTok influencers.

On Instagram, Tess Masazza, Giulia Valentina and Annie Mazzola invited their followers to create content and show their best outfits whilst they were cooking, cleaning, watching TV, or doing any other at home activity.

The TikTokers: Cecilia Cantarano, Marta Losito, Virginia Montemaggi, Alice De Bortoli, Anna Ciati and Martina Picardi also launched the challenge on social media, which became popular during the quarantine period.

Almost three million people joined us

The number of interactions was very high on both social media channels.

The #quarantinequeenchallenge gave a boost to Sisley’s social profiles, which previously had been subjected to a slowdown during the first day of the health emergency.

During the week of the challenge launch, the Instagram profile of the brand reached more than 5,3 million people and had more than 25,5 million impressions, while the TikTik channel reached more than 2,5 million users.

The hashtag #quarantinequeenchallenge gained 2,6 million views on TikTok and generated 4.045 clicks on Instagram.

Numbers and KPI

  • +5M
    Reached people on Instagram
  • +25M
    Intagram impressions
  • +2,5M
    Reached people on TikTok