Sexy, bold, sharply ironic: the update of an historic Italian fashion brand


When we met Sisley, the brand was trying to adapt its digital communication to its positioning.

Our goal was to find a way to translate the brand values in its communication, aligning either the tone of voice and the copywriting.

A tone of voice representative of the brand values

We started from positioning: Sisley presents itself as a sexy, bold and sharply hironic brand.

In order to portray the brand identity on its digital channels we have translated this image by developing a new tone of voice, completely revolutionized.

Distancing itself from long descriptive captions and an irony often difficult to understand, Sisley has started to communicate in a blunt, twinkly and sharp way.

References to the products haven’t disappeared, but now Sisley talks about its cloths describing the adventures of the people who wear them, getting closer to the brand communication audience.

Getting the brand well-known speaking the same language of its target

Sisley had two main purposes: to increase the brand awareness and to drive more users to its e-commerce.

The considerable increasing of the organic reach of Sisley digital channels made it clear how the coherence of the tone of voice with the brand positioning and its image has succeeded in get Sisley communication closer to the target, engaging it and increasing its interest in the products.

Optimization and focusing:
this is how to use social media in 2019

Companies communication is often characterized by dense editorial plans and fragmented on multiple digital channels.

From a strategic point of view, we work towards a rationalization of the channels, focusing on those which are more appropriate for the target of Sisley.

Even the editorial plan has been rethought from a paid only perspective: in 2019, Facebook and Instagram are basically advertising platforms rather than social networks.

The new FW2019 campaign launch:
the community of Sisley is increased by 10% in one month

To launch the latest Sisley collection, we work on all possible engagement dynamics in order to maximise the brand visibility on every platform.
On Instagram, in a few days the campaign has led to more than 13.000 comments and a total reach of 7,5 million people.

Numbers and KPI Instagram

  • +10%
    Community increase (3 month)
  • 7M
    FW19 campaign reach
  • 13k
    Comments about FW19