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Talent Garden: a growing network

Talent Garden is one of the largest innovation networks in Europe. Originally known as one of the pioneering brands of co-working, today the startup is a multinational network with a wide offer that ranges from training to events organization, to the digital transformation of the territory.

Growing up very fast (the network was born in 2011) it has been hard for Talent Garden to keep always an high level of communication:

The impact report gather the data related to the activities done over an year in the Talent Garden network

sometimes the extended network of partners, the hundreds of projects which have been launched and the presence of 15 locations throughout Europe have made the identity of the brand uneven.

We are helping Talent Garden to rethink itself, its communication, its identity, values ​​and communication actions.
This result in a new positioning that aims to bring Talent Garden to be the most recognized brand for startups, businesses and territories innovation.

We created an ad hoc visual identity for the TAG party

A whole new strategy

In 2016, five years after Talent Garden foundation, the company was no longer the same. Born as an incentive for young innovators and startups to establish new relationships, the company has evolved into a complex ecosystem of services for innovative companies, based on three pillars: smart working, training and organization of innovative events.

The target of Talent Garden has significantly changed: it is no longer composed just by startuppers, but also by large and small companies (from Banca Mediolanum and EY, from Poste Italiane to BMW) which work together with the company for the most heterogeneous innovative projects.

The communication of Talent Garden needed to grow, just like the company had done.

The new direction of the brand: greater reliability, awareness, without losing the characteristic innovative and creative spirit,

has affected many areas of the company organization and communication, changing them deeply.

Talent Garden
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In order to realize all the ideas and the new strategy of Talent Garden, we developed, together with its internal team, a series of digital contents specific for the platforms: video interviews, short video about innovation and much more. Follow the official channels of Talent Garden to find out all of them!


Events are one of the main asset of the new positioning: for this reason we decided to give them a strong recognizable identity. This way, from the collaboration between Gummy Industries and Talent Garden they have been created: Talent Garden Party & Graduation Show and Futurland, the first European conference about virtual reality, augmented reality and artificial intelligence.

Data and KPI

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