Trussardi alla Scala
Tomaso Trussardi’s at the door. He’s brought a cacio and pepe pizza with sea urchins

Food delivery in Trussardi style 

During the global lockdown, when the hashtag #stayathome became popular, the food market targeted everything towards delivery.

For restaurants, this emergency resulted in a complete closure. To tackle this situation, even Trussardi alla Scala, the Michelin-starred restaurant, decided to restart its business activity by launching its own delivery service.

Our collaboration with the famous Milan restaurant started by communicating this new service. 

If before, elegance was the key, now Tomaso Trussardi has retaken control of the Instagram profile and he aims for inclusiveness to be its main value.

The new brand tone of voice

An authentic tone of voice: Tomaso Trussardi’s 

The new tone of voice that we chose for the account was authentic and close to people.

The Trussardi alla Scala profile is anything but strait-laced and pre-set, it became the actual restaurant backstage, engaging its followers as never before.

The Instagram feed of the Milan restaurant showed screenshots of Tomaso Trussardi’s WhatApp chat, asking to avoid “boring stuff” or “strait-laced” contents; Michelle Hunziker messages threatening to reveal the recipes of the Michelin-starred chef; challenges asking users to replicate the restaurant hamburgers with the delivery ingredients.

Tomaso’s reposts were shown in the Instagram stories, explaining the menu dishes; the video of the home deliveries made by Tomaso in the Panda Trussardi and the suggestions asked to users about what dishes to include in the delivery menu.

The live stream delivery to Fabio Rovazzi

The delivery? Even famous people live and on board

In order to increase the awareness of the campaign, we did some live-stream home deliveries. For example, the one made to Fabio Rovazzi (who was himself streaming live on Twitch). Moreover, we published stories of influencers, such as Tommaso Zorzi and Paola Turani, while they were receiving their dinner and we showed the cooking tutorial and challenges between Michelle Hunziker and Aurora Ramazzotti.


Activity amplification thanks to Fiat Italia channels

During the first week of the launch of the service, the deliveries had been made by Tomaso Trussardi in person, in the Panda Trussardi: this led to the opportunity for the two brands to interact.

The collaboration with Fiat Italia

Therefore, we collaborated with Fiat Italia in order to develop a strategy that could amplify the launch of the new Trussardi alla Scala delivery and engage an even wider audience.

Together with Fiat Italia, we created a “back and forth” between the social accounts of the two brands, in order to engage and spread interest to both fanbases.

Fiat was included in the communication campaign of the delivery launch by the creation of stories where the brand answered to Trussardi posts, and by reposting videos and photos of Tomaso delivering in his Panda.

More than 8.000 people ordered on the website to have the dinner delivered by Tomaso.

The restaurant community significantly increased: the launch campaign reached 34.000 people and the Trussardi alla Scala was viewed by more than 18.5000 users.

Numbers and KPI

  • +8K
    E-commerce visits
  • +34K
    Reached people
  • +18k
    Profile views