Gummy Industries and Talent Garden are joining forces, to turn Brescia upside down

pwes + brescia + partner - 22 December 2015

We’ve worked with Davide, Lorenzo, Elisa and TAG Brescia since the beginning: it was since Talent Garden didn’t even exist. Now we are starting to work together to develop new ideas and address a couple of problems in our hometown.

Talent Garden Brescia

Talent Garden is a platform for a selected community of innovators. They provide the space, the community and the service they need to succeed. Today the network of TAG is composed by 13 campuses all over Europe and 35000 members.

What are we doing? But, most important, why are we doing this?

We are joining forces, in order to work together on a range of specific topics. Technically, Alessandro and Fabrizio acquired a share of Talent Garden Brescia. A financial step, with a great meaning.

We love our hometown, Brescia.
It has all the advantages of the small, local city. And all the pitfalls of the local economy.
Some examples:

  • Pride. Brescia makes a lot of very special and good things, but local companies have some troubles in communicating themselves.
  • Community. In Brescia there’s a lot of people working with technology, software, internet, marketing & creativity, but they’re mostly isolated – and they (we) could do more together
  • Change. Small cities are very resistant to change, both cultural and generational.

These are some of the issues we want to address, together.

What we want to do

This is our plan together:

  • City – We will work on a big identity project. We need to develop a stronger sense of membership around young citizens. Our city hides talents in several fields, like: art, economy, engineering and more. We have the duty to find them and help them to spread theirs story to inspire action in all the citizenship. We think that we can change the city mindset and bring it to a new level: the global one.
  • Young – Young people are the most important value for us. We need their ideas to change the city, so we are thinking about projects to help them to better express their ideas and businesses.
  • Companies – The local economic area is rich and outdated. We plan to renew companies, teams and process following the example of global best practices in businesses, reserch & development and communications. We know that keeping up to date is the only way to be competitive in a global economy.
  • Freelancers – Brescia have a small but consistent network of freelancers: they’re developers, designers and mixed professionals working in the creative digital fields. How can we address their need and develop the local community? We have a couple of ideas.

We aim to create a “model of change” here in Brescia, that could be applied in any other city.
To do this, we will need the support of everybody. Do you want to join us?

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