Reaching the Millennials with an unexpected communication

Gallo Instagram profile before and after our work

Gallo: an icon of elegance on social networks

In the world of fashion, Gallo is an icon of the Italian excellence: everyone associates the brand with colorful and elegant stockings.

In 2016, Gallo wanted to communicate itself online to reach a younger audience.

Content in line with the trends

The most effective way for a fashion brand to communicate on social media is definitely doing it well on Instagram. With Gallo we started thinking about images, videos, slideshows that reworked the contents of the brand to align them with current trends, making Gallo come out as a modern brand that communicates to new generations speaking their own language.

Launch a product for millennials

In summer 2017, Gallo needed to launch a new product for the Millennials. We needed an effective strategy to bring traffic to the product page on the e-commerce. How to get noticed by such a crowded target?

We realized that the use of live streaming is exponentially growing among the Millennials: from video games on Twitch, to music on Youtube, and Instagram stories, young people love to live and comment live content.

Therefore, we decided to launch the most popular live Facebook ever, challenging the Gallo community to watch four icicles for an hour while they were melting.

The action was supported by a promotion on the product, which would push the users towards the brand e-commerce. The Millennials could not believe what they were looking at and could not stop looking at it, making the action reaching incredible results.

The results

45.000 people watched the Facebook live streaming
More than 5.000 interactions during the streaming
300.000 people reached by the content
+16% Facebook Fanbase
+800% E-commerce traffic
+1.000% Subscriptions to the e-commerce newsletter
+18% Targeted e-commerce traffic
Without any euro of media investment

Data and KPI

  • 45k
    people watched the Facebook live streaming
  • +5k
  • +800%
    e-commerce traffic
  • +1k
    new subscriptions to the e-commerce newsletter
  • 0€
    media investment