Sleepovers? They are on Instagram now

How to spend time together during a global pandemic? 

During the lockdown, when millions of people had been required to stay at home under quarantine, Cotonella wanted to show its closeness and support to the community.

Cotonella represents a woman in her everyday life, a friend: spending some time with the brand means asking for advice, exchanging opinions and having fun.

During a global pandemic, people need calm, engagement and sharing, and Cotonella responded to this need with the positivity and authenticity that characterizes it.

This is why we created a real life sleepover, live on Instagram.

The reposts of Sara Pozzani and La Iaia

A new way to build-up community loyalty

The main goal, as well as bringing togetherness, was to increase the awareness and online presence of Cotonella, to reach a new audience and to increase the fanbase loyalty.

To do that, we involved two influencers who reflect the same brand values of body positivity: Alessandra Iaria, known as La Iaia, an expert in event organization, and Sara Pozzani, an image consultant specialised in the new social media trends of body shaping and colour analysis. 

Together, they have a fanbase of more than 80.000 followers.

Organizing a perfect party? Cotonella tells you how to do it

During the days before the sleepover, on the official digital channels of both the influencers and Cotonella, we launched some teaser content: stories, Facebook and Instagram posts, newsletters.

The sleepover was streamed on 26th April with a cheerful and carefree mood. La Iaia and Sara Pozzani wore Cotonella pajamas, which matched the shades of their skin tones.

How to organize a perfect sleepover?
What are the musts for a unique brunch?
Recipes, table setting decorations, colour analysis of the furniture: we discussed the importance of the colours, fabrics and accessories, in order to live in harmony with ourselves and in our everyday environment.

I repost dei contenuti creati dai partecipanti

During the live streaming, people interacted with reactions, comments and many questions addressed to the influencers.

All participants received a coupon code which was communicated during the live stream.

Moreover, in order to increase the community engagement, we invited the followers to publish their brunch photos and tag @cotonellaintimo to win a special discount.

How did the brand grow? 

Cotonella is a brand which looks to digital for its growth, the creation of this format and the content aimed to strengthen the community were significant.

Since the weekend of the event, the interactions and the views of the Cotonella profile and website have been increasing exponentially.

The engagement generated from the sleepover was considerable: the fanbase increased by 5%, the content related to the event reached more than 650.000 people and received more than 50.000 views. 

Numbers and KPI

  • +5%
    Fan base growth
  • +650K
    Reached people
  • +50K