From brand awareness, to performance campaigns all over the world


Freddy used social media mainly to sell its own products. We moved the focus on the brand, completely changing the digital image of the company.

Brand identity definition

Working in close contact with the company, we established the visual identity of Freddy and its tone of voice.

Freddy Instagram profile

Thanks to the new identity of Freddy and through a clear communication, the uneven and essentially commercial profiles became coherent with the brand values.

The channels of the brand became full of quality contents and more and more special projects have been activated. Thanks to this, months by months, the community increased and users started to interact with the brand, motivated by interesting contents.

Not only in Italy

The channels activation was incremental: starting from Italy, thanks to specific campaigns, we extended the communication on the other main markets, such as the English, French and US ones.

An appropriate digital PR makes the difference

With the purpose of increasing the brand awareness, we collaborated with many influencers, considering all the different lines of the brand: from sport to lifestyle.

An appropriate influencer marketing strategy can also be the starting point for a successful launch. It happened with Wrup-in the perfect suit, a limited edition special collection: for its launch, we activated 100 influences, both micro and VIP ones, with a strong coordination action. What was the result? One of the best seller of the season.

Social store and local community

We soon realized how important it was to create some local communities connected with the Freddy stores. Therefore, we developed a project to support all of them in the creation and management of its specific Instagram account.

Through a direct and nonstop communication between us and the store managers, we train them in the use of the social platforms, giving them some suggestions and ad hoc tools and supporting them during the critical situations. This way, we coordinated an amount of 24 stores.

Not only brand awareness, but also performance goals

After focusing ourselves on giving visibility to the brand and on establishing its identity, we started to aim for a second goal: to bring traffic on the e-commerce and to increase the sales. With a specific media budget, we activated and kept monitored many campaigns for all the promotional activities of Freddy.

In special periods of time, as sales and Black Friday, we obtained extraordinary results in terms of performance.

The digital activity has been constantly developed, with even more consistent investments, thanks to the strong economic profits, both in Italian and UK, French and US markets.

Thanks to the strategy and the cooperation developed with Freddy, in the 4 countries we reached more than 5 millions of unique users, only on Facebook. Compared with the previous year, the E.R. increased more than 200%. We activated and coordinated more than 100 influencers, opening 24 Instagram profiles for the brand stores.

Numbers and KPI

  • 4
    countries: Italy, France, UK, USA
  • +5
    millions of unique users reached on Facebook
  • +200%
    E.R. compared to the year before
  • +100
    Influencers involved and coordinated
  • +24
    Instagram profiles opened for the Stores