How to communicate the wine in a different way

Stefano Cavada

Kettmeir and the wine industry

Kettmeir is a historic winery in South Tyrol, today part of Santa Margherita, one of the most important groups in the sector.

The brand needed to reach a younger audience. This is way it asked us to study a social strategy that would help it to position the company towards the new target, while maintaining its own style and tone of voice.

We started analyzing the sector and we realized that the communication of wine is all the same. There are very few cases in which a brand has managed to communicate without resorting to the classic stereotyped images of vineyards, or grapes. So our initial goal was to study a strategy in order to communicate the brand in an innovative, original way, following the trends of the web and respecting the premium positioning.

A modern storytelling

We have transformed communication plan og Kettmeir in a uniform storytelling of the brand and territory values.

Firstly using channels like Spotify and Instagram together with Facebook as an institutional channel, completely creating a brand image. We have made ad hoc shootings for the products, always relating them to the different sensations that wines are able to evoke.

Influencers engagement

How to tell the territory in an innovative way?

In order to communicate the soul of the brand, enclosed and rooted in the territory, we selected ten places, restaurants, museums, that reflected the most innovative and contemporary side of South Tyrol and we told them with the voice of an ambassador: a young, food blogger from Alto Adige with a good following on Instagram.