All possible digital strategy

A picture taken during the shooting of the ADV campaign ph. Alessandro Belussi

SUN68 and the digital world

When we started working for SUN68, in 2011, the clothing brand had no online presence – except for its e-commerce.

Simona, the company’s marketing manager, felt strongly the need of using the digital. The motto of SUN68 is “Unconventional clothes for everyday situations”: the brand wants to guide the consumer through the everyday special situations. “Should we open a Facebook page?”, this was the company’s request. Some SUN68 stores, indeed, had already opened Facebook groups and pages in order to communicate their promotions and sales.

A different strategy: no Facebook

We started with a consideration: Facebook is an expensive and resource-hungry platform. Therefore, it is not always suitable for medium-sized companies. For this reason we initially suggested to SUN68 not to open a Facebook page but to bet everything on Instagram.

Indeed, the communication effort on Instagram yielded great results, also thanks to the company’s visual content: Instagram has become the main branding channel of SUN68 and, even today, it is a fundamental branch of the company communication.

In the end, we only opened Facebook in 2016, when it was possible to build a communication plan that included high quality contents and a equivalent average investment.

Left: SUN68 official Instagram profile. Right: the accounts list of all SUN68 stores.

From a Store to a Social Store

“Today a customer came into the store because she saw us on Instagram, she took three pairs of sneakers”

The store managers insistently asked us to attract people to the store and to create a local community. We understood that this energy had to be collected and incentivized, rather than limited.

We activated a very simple experimental program called “Social store”: through private communities, chats and network training, we succeeded in making each shopkeeper able to communicate correctly.

Simultaneously, we opened local Instagram accounts, with rigid graphic guidelines (and a tool to generate images that faithfully follow the brand identity): @ sun68jesolo, @ sun68milano and @ sun68brescia were the first ones. The store managers were enthusiastic about the idea and immediately started using the accounts, with incredible results.

Today, all 18 stores of SUN68 have an Instagram profile and use WhatsApp, whose accounts gather an audience that has reached 200 thousand units.

Moreover, they are able to truly activate customers and bring them into the store: this way, we are able to actually measure the ROI of this initiative.


For the 10th anniversary of the company, we have developed and launched a very simple mobile app: a social scratch card. Every day users could scratch the screen and find out if they had won a product. If they weren’t lucky, in a very simple way, they could make a share on the social media and play again.

Over the year, we gave 730 items of clothing and got around one million games.

The everydaylife page dedicated to the articles about the city of Jesolo. Visit

From digital PR to content marketing:

Do you want to know where to have breakfast in Milan this morning? There are dozens of blogs which recommend you the perfect venue. Do you want to know the best places to have breakfast in Udine? This question is much more difficult.

We realized that there are no well-made tourist guides that accompany the user to discover incredible places in smaller cities. This is why was born: to be the first branded magazine that guides us to the daily discovery of the exceptional corners of Italian cities, especially the less tourist ones.

We have assembled an editorial staff of about thirty micro-influencers asking them to tell us about their cities. The output is an incredible, lively, eventful guide to everything that happens in Italy.

Social content production

We realized that there were few lookbook contents compared to Instagram and Facebook needs.

We decided to make ad hoc photo shootings, specifically thought for the social media users. It worked: our photographs have an ADV performance four times higher than the other contents.